Cryptocurrency Piggy Bank For Kids

Kids are now able to delve into the world of cryptocurrency with Pigzbe, a small pink cryptocurrency wallet that can fit inside their pocket. Parents can send their kids digital money called Wollo for doing chores around the house or they can be sent gifts by other family members or whoever would like to give them money. Parents can put Pigzbe on auto pay each week and it will make sound effects to notify their child that money has been deposited into their digital Pigzbe Wallet.

Kids will be able to purchase toys in the app that goes with Pigzbe or they can use a special Visa card that comes with Pigzbe and purchase items in brick and mortar stores or online. They can also cash out their Wollo inside the app.

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Devv Coin by Devvio

Lots of people have lost faith in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since the recent crash of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Alot of people have cashed out and some have found other coins to invest in that utilize better technologies, that are a lot more greener than Bitcoin, and that have less expensive processing fees.

Devv is the coin I’ve been waiting on from it being described. Its not up and running and accessible to the public just yet but it sounds extremely good on paper. Devvio has been testing it though. They have been able to find a way to process up to 8 million transactions per second on chain. Let’s put that into perspective.. Bitcoin can only process about 5 transactions per second and Ripple can process 1,500 per second. If Devvio follows through on what they’re saying, then maybe there’s a high chance that this cryptocurrency will become more adopted than Bitcoin. Merchants won’t have to wait minutes for transactions to go through and that’s one of the main reasons these brick and mortars became deaf to Bitcoin because its taking us backwards instead of forward. Visa transactions per second is 24,000 so why would they want that?

Let’s talk about the fees. As of right now (I don’t know about the future. Things may change) Devvio has stated that $100,000 transaction will only cost a $1 on their network, so if someone had $500 for remittance and wanted to send it back home to family, it would only cost the sender $0.005. That’s less than a penny. I’m so all for this project right now.

Devvio believes that it can solve many of the problems that face blockchain today such as scalability, stability (as you can see Bitcoin didn’t have as well), privacy, theft, and fraud. They sound very confident of it. But we’ll see.

You know why I believe Devvio will have the best coin? They have patented their technologies already. When you have something great you patent it, right? I’m no financial expert or techie but I just believe in them because of that. They may have the best coin of the future but it will not work if people don’t know about it. People need to learn about these new technologies to push us forward. If they never find out about coins like the Devv then we’ll be stuck in a prehistoric mess for several years to come. That’s why I’m writing this article because I believe in these new blockchain technologies. So please, let people know about projects such as Devvio’s because Bitcoin’s technology just makes the blockchain look like a joke so people run from it. The only thing I can say good about Bitcoin is that its a privacy coin but other than that it’s comedic.

Keep your eyes on Devvio. Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter so you’ll know when the coins will become available.

Devvio in Forbes Magazine